What is a Word Cloud for Text Analysis

There is always a need to analyze documents and interpret textual passages. We have massive volumes of data, but we cannot put it to good use without understanding it. Understanding information is necessary, especially for businesses that wish to excel. In the present time, you will find customer data through feedback forms, reviews, and social media platforms. All this data holds essential user information that comes in handy. To analyze a dataset and get quick insights from it, we can use analysis tools or analyzing mechanisms. One such mechanism is the word cloud or cloud generator. If you are unaware of the term or what it does, the following article will provide clarity. Moreover, it will help you understand what a word cloud for text analysis is and how we can put it to use in our daily lives.

What is Text Analytics?

Text analytics involves processing massive volumes of data to extract useful information. The data is often unstructured and isn’t predefined in any way. Once you analyze the dataset, you can extract valuable patterns and exploit them according to your purpose. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a government organization, text analytics proves as a powerful technique to gain insights from raw data.

You can find a variety of methods, including sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and entity recognition within the domain of text analytics. These techniques help track negative sentiments and extract information that assists in a business’s decision-making process.

What is a Word Cloud?

When one wishes to enjoy the visual representation of data, one should opt for word clouds. A word cloud helps highlight major terms in a text. If a word is repeated numerous times in a dataset, it appears prominently in a word cloud. Cloud visualization gives detailed insights and shows hidden patterns. There are several cloud generators to help analyze several types of reviews. You could use clouds for hotel reviews, movie reviews, client reviews, and much more. Hospitals can utilize cloud generators to find patient satisfaction. Similarly, the eCommerce industry can find issues in their products using these cloud generators or text clouds.

What is a Word Cloud for Text Analysis?

Text analytics and word clouds are closely related. You might wonder what a word cloud for text analysis is. Through text analysis, we can analyze documents and datasets, but to get an exact idea about terms, we need cloud generators. When large groups of texts come together, it’s tough to analyze each line. Therefore, in such circumstances, cloud generators help visualize the information.

Word cloud is part of the analysis process that comes in handy for previewing text for crucial characters, themes, or phrases. You can provide information in any language, and your cloud-generating device will give accurate results.

As the name suggests, you get results as a cloud of words. The words or phrases with a higher frequency are larger, and minor words are smaller.

Visualizing Text Analysis Results with Word Clouds

Visualization has helped businesses understand their client base. Understanding user viewpoint is crucial for business success. If your clients are unsatisfied with your services, you will see a steady decline in your business. Thus, it’s mandatory to interpret the meaning behind a client’s response. Since all this information is text-based, you can use word clouds to highlight important points. For example, if customers are unhappy with your pricing or product, you will see the words like poor quality, pricing, or similar terms in highlighted bold letters. This way, you won’t have to go through hundreds of reviews and can easily find issues.

With so many insights, you might get confused about where to begin, but word clouds make the process easier. From arts to sciences, every field uses this tool to visualize results.

Applications of Cloud Creators in the Business World

You can create word clouds from any dataset. It could be a collection of tweets, a review, or a simple excel sheet. Within minutes you get a visually attractive pattern in front of you. These are some of the uses:

Analyzing Customer Feedback 

Every client has an opinion, and you must deal with their complaints. The best way to get their valuable feedback is through reviews, social media comments, or emails. However, these can range in millions, and interpreting them is impossible. Thus, you can use a cloud generator to analyze the qualitative dataset and find topics under discussion. Finding negative sentiments through cloud analysis is a simple task.

Identifying SEO Terms 

Another application of cloud generation is that it helps identify keywords. The better the list of keywords you use in your web content, the higher the ranking on the Google search engine. You could even create a Twitter word cloud to find hot topics.

Understanding Employee Sentiment  

Employees and clients are both essential for any firm. Your employees manage your entire business, so you must cater to their opinions. Through cloud generators, employers can find if workers are satisfied, feeling discouraged, or going through any issue within the company. Furthermore, you can use these results to compare with future surveys.

How to Start Creating Word Clouds Today?

All you need is a set of data to start creating these word clouds. The process is straightforward and involves no such coding. You need to feed your dataset to the system to generate clouds. However, individuals must optimize their dataset to make it usable. Once the cloud generation process is complete, you can export and analyze results. There are third-party generators available to help you quicken the process.

Best Cloud Generators in Market

Cloud-generating tools are abundant in the market. All that you need to do with them is copy-paste your dataset and wait for the results. Some of the best tools these days are WordArt, WordClouds, TagCrowd, and VizRefra’s cloud-generating system. With these mechanisms, generating clouds is not an issue.

Using Word Cloud Generators for your Benefit

Cloud generation helps you in multiple ways. From understanding your audience to analyzing satisfaction levels, there are several tasks achieved through this mechanism. These systems help deliver valuable insight by highlighting keywords and values. Whether you need to find a specific emotion or a common phrase, you can use word clouds to make your life easier. There are available solutions that require you to only input datasets. So, use these intelligent analysis mechanisms to achieve company goals and learn about client viewpoints.

Here at VizRefra, we provide you with several intelligent systems. Our sentiment analysis mechanisms and text analysis solutions assist you in running your operations successfully. We cater to all your needs and build custom solutions for your firm.