Example of Where Sentiment Analysis Would be Helpful

With several technological advancements, businesses have gotten a chance to achieve their goals. One such innovation is sentiment analysis. The method involves interpreting human language to find hidden emotions. Sentiment analysis or opinion mining reveals how people feel about any subject. An individual can express liking or dislike towards a product or service. Being the person in charge, you must find customer sentiment and prepare adequate strategies to tackle problems.

There are several fields where these text analysis mechanisms assist people in growing their businesses, like:

  • Health industry
  • Telecom industry
  • Banking sector
  • Government sector

Apart from these examples, there are other sectors as well. If you can’t understand the brand sentiment, you won’t be able to expand. So emotion analysis allows you to get an insight into how people feel towards your brand.

Understanding Sentiment Analysis of Text

Opinion mining has become a popular option for multiple businesses. The automatic process allows you to analyze various forms of text to find hidden emotions within them. Whatever an individual writes has some meaning. It could be a negative, neutral or positive sentiment. For example, if a business launches a new product and wishes to know a customer’s opinion, it can utilize the option of opinion mining. Similarly, interpreting feedbacks and product reviews help find how people perceive a service or product. You can analyze any dataset at any instance.

Role of NLP in Opinion Mining

Natural language processing, along with machine learning is used to carry out the process. It allows machines to perceive human language and derive meaning from it. Unlike humans, computers cannot understand our language. From sarcasm to special characters, many components make the interpretation of emotions difficult. So NLP allows the processing and conversion of human language into machine-understandable code. Various libraries and algorithms make the process relatively easier. With this system, you can automatically differentiate between words and extract correct opinions from the text.

How is Sentiment Analysis Performed?

The method uses algorithms that generate a score for every word. It starts with the analysis of given data. The sentiment analyzer receives a collection of sentences that splits into tokens. Once the tokenization process is complete, each word is analyzed. It helps find the underlying feeling in the text. Based on these deductions, we calculate a sentiment score. The sentiment score indicates whether a word has a negative or positive emotion. A phrase with a negative score portrays a negative feeling. Similarly, a positive score indicates a happy response. When a piece of text has a higher positive score than a negative one, it indicates a person is optimistic about your company’s product or service.

How is Sentiment Analysis Beneficial in Practical Life?

With an emotion analysis system, you can get valuable insights. It is like a private detective that brings you all significant facts. Therefore, one cannot deny the significance of such systems because you get to learn honest opinions. Another impressive feature is the system’s versatile nature. The following examples show us how and where sentiment analyzers come in handy.

E-commerce Industry

Customer reviews are more crucial than any other thing in this sector. Negative comments can reduce your sales. From clothing stores to perfume sellers, no matter what kind of products you sell, get to know about customer sentiment.

Moreover, it helps you improve the customer support mechanism. Clients might email their problems, and you can use an analysis mechanism to find the issue within the entire body. It reduces the working time and allows you to quickly resolve complaints. Nothing can improve the customer communication medium more than opinion mining.

Telecom industry

We often see telecom industries asking for customer reviews. It is a part of their functioning because, without customer satisfaction, their business cannot grow. Clients switch to another network if they feel dissatisfied with a service. Thus, Telco uses customer sentiment analysis tools to interpret the hidden meaning behind their client’s feedback. If a customer feels pessimistic about any service, companies start to re-strategize.

Banking Industry

Social sentiment analysis plays a vital role in the banking side. You have to maintain your positive image in the market. If one bank fails to interpret customer perception, it loses ranking and business. If you own a bank and want to attract more customers, you must understand people’s problems. For example, a bank can run a social media campaign to gather client reviews. Afterward, this data is deciphered through a text analysis system to understand the reasons behind complaints. Based on the sentiment classification, you can make reasonable changes.


Travel websites often want to know about the preferences of travelers. Everything matters in the tourism industry, from the type of hotel to food, rides, and bedding. The more satisfied a tourist feels, the higher the chances of them coming back. Thus travel companies use opinion analysis mechanisms to extract useful information.


The healthcare department is always looking to improve customer experience, and nothing can be more helpful than an opinion mining system. Client feedbacks help people identify the gaps and abnormalities within the organization. Furthermore, you can please several people with the right kind of changes.

Stock Sentiment Analysis

The stock market is an unpredictable sector, but with a text analysis tool, you can get accurate results in real time. Since the incoming data is highly volatile, you need an efficient and quick system to provide results without delays. Furthermore, the data’s language needs to be understood as well. In such conditions, only a sentiment monitoring system can come in handy. Finance companies get accurate insight into the market trends when they employ such mechanisms. Based on the results, a company can prepare for incoming dips or surges in the market.

For example, a large Fund company in Asia wants to analyze its market in real-time. Now the major issue they experienced was the difference in languages. All the information was not in one specific format. So they needed a high-speed system to translate all the data into one language without wasting time. That is where an intelligent opinion mining system came to help. It performed translation and interpretation simultaneously, saving their business from failure.

Market Research – Sentiment Analysis

Another sector where you can use these best sentiment analysis tools is market research. Often at times, we wish to know which products are in high demand or more preferred by people. An advanced system will provide complete information about product demand and market competition.

Apart from these sectors, you will find that other industries have also started opting for sentiment mining. It can uncover the true meaning behind a user’s comments.

Why is Opinion Mining Significant for Business Success?

With timely decisions, one can save their company millions of dollars. That is why most businesses use text analysis tools to find how individuals perceive them and their products. You can get the following benefits:

  • Reputation management: Maintaining your image in the customer’s mind is necessary. Nothing can do it better than a sentiment analysis tool. It allows you to find the inner raw thoughts of a person.
  • Brand sentiment analysis: Your brand might launch a new product, but you can’t determine its success until and unless you don’t study its effect on the market. You must understand whether people feel negative, neutral, or positive about your products.
  • Social Platform Management: Nowadays, individuals like to express themselves. However, without understanding the meaning behind those words, businesses can’t derive any benefits. Thanks to sentiment analysis, you can interpret as much data from social media sites as you want.

Using Text Analysis for your Company’s Benefit

No doubt, sentiment analysis is a complicated process, but it has become every business’s need. Nowadays, communication, telecom, healthcare, and the stock market, use the services of opinion mining systems. An intelligent mechanism helps these businesses flourish. Understanding customer sentiment is the most necessary element for succeeding in a market. No matter what business you do or which industrial sector you belong to, there is always a need for text analysis tools.


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