Teacher Dashboard

School Analytics

Managing a school is one of the most challenging issues by educators and managers in the 21st century due to the complexities of learning and social structures.

The dynamics of school requires more than outstanding educators and managers, when you have clear insights means full observation with minimum effort to dig through tons of grade books, teacher’s reports and administration data.

Performance Graph

Student grades linked to teacher’s Performance

Each teacher’s students grades throughout the year will be an indicator of their performance, this measurement when it is visible across the classes, will help as a school leader to replicate the student experience needed to achieve high grades.

These dashboards assist you in determining the high performing teaching experiences in the school that will serve as a model to use.

Business Intelligence tools

Business Intelligence software will enable you to monitor the school activities closely without having to reach and spend time on communicating back and forth. We can build seamless tools that are appropriate to your school structure and students’ background.

Monitor eLearning on LMS

We build customized dashboards so that it targets the indicators you need to monitor 


We can conduct analysis on the student usage of the LMS system doing distant learning or online learning. We have specialized reports built for Moodle and Blackboard and other learning management systems.


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